$MORE Tokenomics: Emission Plan


  • Token emission reduction
  • Allocation to farms
  • xMORE and veMORE plans

Protocol MORE

As of 3rd of Feb 2022, when the proposal on emission plan was shared with the community, the Protocol’s contract address: 0xcb2fb8db0e80adf47720d48e1ae9315e7d128808 held 731,425,607 MORE which accounts for 73.1426% of the total 1B supply of the protocol’s governance token.

Purpose of The Protocol’s Wallet

The main purpose of the tokens assigned to the protocol multisig wallet is to incentivise long term growth and adoption of all Moremoney products. To accomplish the goal of rewarding “healthy growth and adoption”, we have carefully discussed (taking into consideration community feedback) and arrived at what we believe is a healthy approach to achieving the objective.

Proposed Monthly Allocation: 4,050,000 More Token

A donut Chart representation of the monthly allocation.

Incentivising LPs and farms:

  1. Trader Joe MORE-AVAX Farm: 56.3% (2,000,000 MORE).*
  2. Curve Money-av3crv Farm: 28.2% (1,000,000 MORE)**
  3. Pangolin AVAX-MONEY Farm: 7.04% (250,000 MORE)
  4. Trader Joe AVAX-MONEY/MONEY-USDC Farm (Launch date TBD): 5.63% (200,000 MORE)
  5. MORE Staking: 2.82% (100,000 MORE)

Protocol Funding Wallet Depletion

As per the above distribution plan, all things being equal, the protocol’s funding wallet, which presently holds 731,425,607 MORE, would be completely depleted in 180.5989 cycles. (Approximately, 15 Years).



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